Access is the singles community at Church of Southland Chino. We believe people are looking for two things when choosing a church: spirituality and relationships. We exist to be the relational stickiness for people looking for both spirituality and friendships, to help people discover the abundance God has in store for our lives.

If you are single here at Church of Southland Chino, we hope that Access will become the sticking point where you can grow in your walk with Jesus while experiencing genuine community to be encouraged to live for Him.

For more information please email Jack & Gahram Chao :

Jack & Gahram Chao

We desire to be a community of faith to help singles navigate this life season, provide opportunities to connect with God, connect with each other and discover our God-given spiritual gifts so that we can serve the Body of Christ effectively and bear much fruit. We want to seize this chance to experience God in fresh ways and minister to His people with the time, opportunity and gifts we've been given. In the process, we hope to go deeper in our relationship with Jesus, build a community of faith and live out the abundant life in Christ He intended for us!